Why Reseller Mystery Boxes Don’t Work | Poshmark & Thredup Rescue Boxes Review

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Reseller Mystery Boxes can be a gamble

Good in theory, not so much in practice

The premise behind these boxes is great: Resellers need inventory to resell, companies have surplus inventory, let’s box it up, and sell it at a discounted rate to resellers. We love any solution that empowers and enables independent resellers to grow. But, are these boxes even worth your time?

No one in their right mind sells $100 for $1

A simple google search or youtube search can show you dozens of contradicting experiences from resellers that either got screwed or got lucky. But the answer to our question lies in a very simple fact: These are items that have previously failed to sell. And while that doesn’t mean that they won’t be sold, it does mean that they are not “hot stuff”.

It’s all about finding undervalued inventory

To find undervalued inventory, you’ll need to look for items that have been donated by their owners who didn’t have the time to sell it, or to get consignment items from clients who want to partner with an experienced reseller to sell their stuff (learn how you can do this on Flyp).

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